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Cleaning company

Litex Service

About company

“Litex-Service” is a professional cleaning company. The company has been on the market since 2006.
“Litex-Service” carries out its activities using professional cleaners and the latest cleaning equipment.

The company is focused on providing long-term, stable and high-quality services to customers. We carry out works both in Tbilisi and throughout the Republic. The company treats all clients and contractors in its service individually. We can develop a special service program together with the customer.

To be a leader in the field of cleaning using new technologies.

Litex Group

Technical equipment

We use the latest equipment and technologies.

The equipment park of the “Litex-Service” company is equipped with modern and latest equipment of TENNANT, VIPER, KARCHER, FANTOM types, their technical service is provided by the company’s technical employees, which is very important from the point of view of operational efficiency. The company also owns MAN special equipment, through which various types of waste are removed.

The company has a mobile group equipped with all the necessary equipment and inventory, the said group is equipped with soft floor washing machines, hard floor polishing equipment, crystallization equipment, etc. Sh.

Also, the company has a well-trained group of mountaineers who provide high-altitude cleaning of facades.

Glass cleaning, facade maintenance



Contact information

“Litex-Service” company is ready to answer any question you may ask.

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